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Where is...?

Heavenly Preyers was cancelled and is currently off the table for publication. It has never been available and there are no current plans for it. 

Pet was unpublished several years ago and there are no current plans for republication or continuation. 

The Moon Called series has been cancelled for the time being, with no ETA on republication. 

The Savage Beasts of Salem has been unpublished. It may be rewritten and republished at another time. 

Will there be a story for Aislin in Bonds of Blood? 

Possibly in the future! I do have ideas for the world of Bonds of Blood, but at this time I'm focusing on other projects and don't have an ETA on when I might return to it. 

Is there more to dark and wicked fae? 

Like Bonds of Blood, this is a big maybe at the moment. I do have ideas for the backstory of the world, but as to the ending of Dark and Wicked Fae... I feel that I left Briallen & Co in a place where they can do what they do best, and have no current plans to expand on their adventures. 

Can I Buy Signed Copies Of Your Books? 

As of right now, I do not sell signed copies mostly due to life circumstances (it would require a lot of extra time and space I simply don't have at the moment), but I am making plans for limited runs of signed copies in the next year or two. My Facebook group would be the best place to keep up to date on news of this! 

Are there audiobook versions of cimmerian cage/bonds of blood? 

Nope! At least, not right now. Eventually they may come to audiobook form, but as audiobooks are expensive to produce, I have no current estimate on their production or plans to make it happen.

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