Coming Summer 2022


She’s a beautiful doll that refuses to break…

How delicious.

As an inmate on death row, I’m the perfect candidate to enter Ferox—a savage dimension of nightmares and monsters.

If I can pull off a mission to find a group of missing researchers, I’ll be exonerated.

But the monsters of this realm have other plans.

When a trio of monstrosities capture me, I’m brought to the human prison in the heart of their domain.

This is the Dollhouse… and I’m their new doll.

They dress me, feed me, keep me caged… but most of all, they want to play games.

Games that push me to the edge of sanity, and leave me writhing for more.

In the Dollhouse, my most filthy desires are their most seductive promises.

Horns, claws, and tails lure me in, no matter how hard I fight temptation.

If I complete my mission, I earn my freedom…

But maybe I want to be their doll forever.

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