Coming Winter 2022

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Now is the season of the witch and the wolf. 

In the village of Vostok, no one enters the forest. Only the Beasts of the Wood prowl there, keeping us prisoner from the rest of the world.
As a Vessel, an ordained maiden of the church, I consume the souls of the Beasts to free us from their hunger—at the cost of my own life.

But when the Beasts slip through my defenses to call me to the forest, they tell me this is not what my life is meant to be.

That the Vessel was never meant to consume them, but to live free alongside them—free of the church, free of the priests who have kept me locked up since the day I was born.
Free to give in to the primal desires of the Beasts.
I am no maiden, but their witch... and they demand the village answers for its crimes.

But breaking free from my chains might be the worst mistake I ever made.

Because it's not the Beasts out there I fear.
It's the vengeful beast inside me.

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